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Born A Secret: Abandoned At Birth

A Foundling Podcast

Born A Secret: Abandoned At Birth is A Foundling Podcast. You may be wondering what a foundling is. A foundling is an infant that was abandoned and was found and raised by someone else besides their mother or father. Each episode will cover a foundling's unique story. Of how they coped with life as a foundling and their pursuit to find out why their life started the way it did. The Born A Secret podcast hopes to inspire compassion among all sides of a search journey and to raise awareness for the Safe Haven Law. Please visit - for more information about the podcasts and ways to contribute. Are you or someone you know pregnant and unsure what to do now? For information about the Safe Haven Law and Safe Haven resources please go to: or call 1-888-510-2229 for 24/7 confidential support. Born A Secret is also featured on The Top 30 Adoption Podcasts on Earth! Please visit - - for other Top Adoption Podcasts